About us.

WhiteSweep is an independent collaboration of freelancers. 3d artists, graphic artists and occasionally photo- and videographers. Our group is always changing depending on the complexity and the volume of the projects. In some cases only 1 or 2 people working on them, in other cases 6 or 8 from different locations and with different expertises.
We are located in Hungary, Central-Europe and mainly specialized in product visualization (Prod-viz in short), 3d illustrations and animations. We can start working on your products based only on descriptions, hand-drawn sketches, blueprints or CAD-models and we can deliver:

  • Photorealistic or stylized images
  • Animations
  • 3d printable objects
  • Real-time 3d meshes
  • Facebook 3d objects

Do you have an idea of a product, you want to see before it has been made? Is it hard to make a proper photo of your product? Do you want to increase the quality of the product images on your website, webshop?

Write us a message via E-mail to


About the name:

White sweep is the curved paper under the object that is used by product photographes to fake infinite white backgrounds.